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Our unique strategy finds new dental patients using our digital online marketing platform. We completely custom develop a unique marketing strategy for your local area. The marketing ads that we develop for your practice focuses on high margin products for your practice. These include Dentures, Dental Implants and Invisalign. We can also offer any specific product or service that you want to promote as well. We work with you to discover your ideal client profile, create a prospect converting Facebook ads and track the results. In addition, we make sure your business can be found easily online and is ranked higher than your competition.

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By using targeted Facebook ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Map Listings, we help potential patients find you. Our customized programs help beat out your competition by getting your business listed on the first page of Google. One way we accomplish this is by having a Google Map Listings. When potential clients Google dentists in their local area, we make sure your practice is listed on the Google Maps page.


Our customized dashboard gives you a snapshot of your marketing program’s effectiveness 24 hours a day!

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Drill down to the effectiveness of each new dental patient campaign

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Our Marketing dashboard helps track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. We can track how many clicks are being generated on your website, number of phone calls per campaign and all of your Facebook lead conversions. We love tracking these metrics, because they show you the effectiveness of each marketing campaign. Knowing your numbers is the key to an effective dental marketing strategy.

Dentist Marketing Program

Did you know that 90% of dentists waste 50% of their marketing dollars using the wrong Facebook ads and Online Marketing

Why? Because not knowing where your marketing dollars are going is killing your ROI. The fact is, you need to know how much you're paying for new patient leads that turn into paying customers. 

With the Dentist Marketing Program, we use state of the art technology and campaign tracking software. Our software optimizes and prioritizes your marketing dollars to make them more effective. 

As a client of the Dentist Marketing Program and One Direction Marketing, we provide you with a customized client dashboard that shows you the results of your marketing campaigns 24/7, that way you know how well your marketing dollars are working for you!

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